Laboratório de Educação begins fieldwork for research partnership with Harvard Graduate School of Education

13 de October de 2017..

In late 2016, we became a partner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Learning for All research project, led by Professors Paola Uccelli, Felipe Barrera-Osorio and Sara Dryden-Peterson.

Learning for All is a comparative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-method investigation focused on two main questions:

  • Why does so little learning take place systematically in urban public schools serving vulnerable populations globally, and
  • What are promising local and global levers to improve learning for all in these schools?

With support from the recently-created Lemann Research Fund, the study attempts to shed light on the conditions that influence educational quality.

As part of the study, data has already been collected in Colombia, Peru, and Botswana. In Brazil, Laboratório de Educação has been responsible for translating, adapting and validating the research instruments, as well as collaborating with São Paulo’s Municipal Secretary of Education to identify the 10 schools that comprise the final sample.
To this day, we have administered the language tests and socio-demographic questionnaires with six out of ten schools that belong to the Regional Education Boards of Campo Limpo, São Miguel and Capela do Socorro.

Our fieldwork team is comprised of three on-site research assistants and three data entry clerks. In addition, we have an anthropologist conducting an in-depth ethnographic case studies with 12 students and a CLASS specialist analyzing the quality of classroom interactions.

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