[:pt]Antônio Gois entrevista Beatriz Cardoso[:en]Beatriz Cardoso's interview with TV Futura[:]

Journalist Antônio Gois interviews Beatriz Cardoso on the role of play in early learning

8 de March de 2016

In an interview with the Brazilian education channel TV Futura, our Executive Director highlighted the need to overcome the false dichotomy that play and learning are mutually exclusive when discussing the Common National Curricular Base for Early Childhood Education.

Beatriz affirmed that this dichotomy is "more rhetorical than real," since children’s learning involves multiple dimensions that ought to be addressed in the school context. According to her, it is important for educators to translate current research on early childhood into a consistent pedagogical approach that recognizes the types of interactions and interventions that can best help children reach their full potential.

Check the interview: