Laboratório de Educação abre plataforma gratuita | Open platform

Laboratório de Educação releases free open platform to favor the language development of children ages 0 to 5

3 de November de 2015

On November 3, Laboratório de Educação launched a free open platform for parents, caregivers and educators who interact with children ages 0 to 5, with the goal of advancing language acquisition and development from their early years.

The online site, whose contents are available in Portuguese and Spanish, was developed by our partner team at the University of Barcelona, under the leadership of Dr. Ana Teberosky. Meanwhile, in Brazil, Laboratório de Educação is adapting such content Laboratório de Educação to create materials that will support the pedagogical work of early childhood educators in local public schools.

What is "Learning Language"?
It is a complete guide to support the processes of language acquisition and development for children ages 0 to 5

For whom?
For families, caregivers and educators who interact with children in this age group.

What can I find there?
Three types of information:

1) Questions we all ask ourselves when our children are beginning to speak, as well as explanations from psychology, linguistics and learning experts.

2) Strategies and calls to action

3) Theoretical foundations of this work