[:pt]Laboratório se une ao movimento para construir a BNCC[:en]Base Nacional Comum Curricular | Common National Base[:]

Laboratório de Educação joins the discussion on the Common National Curricular Base

11 de December de 2015

Mobilizing society to build a Common National Curricular Base is undeniably important, given that such a document could provide an objective reference of what every child should and has the right to learn, a key element in reverting the severe inequalities our country faces.

At Laboratório de Educação, we believe that the National Curricular Base should be “the result of the collective effort of different education stakeholders” (Ministry of Education, 2015). For that reason, our team drafted a statement with comments and suggestions that can enhance the official proposal, offering more resources to translate the movement’s intentions so that they can materialize and effectively transform educational practices.

Check it out here!