Conferência de Educação Internacional | CIES 2015

Nicole Paulet Piedra shares research on teacher-related policies at Annual CIES Conference in D.C.

15 de March de 2015

During the second week of March, the 59th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society gathered over 2,000 attendees to participate in more than 500 sessions focused on educational issues, trends and policies across the globe through comparative, cross-cultural and international perspectives.

Nicole Paulet Piedra, researcher and collaborator at Laboratório de Educação presented a review of the literature on teacher selection, training and remuneration in a panel that analyzed strategies to improve teacher effectiveness in the context of South Asia (India) and Latin America (Colombia). The main questions addressed by the panel were: (1) what are the factors that influence teacher motivation and effectiveness in those regions, (2) what evidence-based strategies are known to work in developing countries to increase teacher performance and student learning outcomes.

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