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Learning Language – Professional Development

AT SCHOOL . 2017, 2018, 2019

From 2017 to 2019, Laboratório de Educação will use the Learning Language professional development methodology to train educators in Caieiras (SP) municipal nursery schools and preschools.

The program provides pedagogical supervisors, principals and district leaders with continued opportunities to reflect on their practices and to learn how to use their unique professional role to support early language development from a systemic perspective.

Once a month, Laboratório de Educação instructors hold formative sessions with:

  • 32 pedagogical supervisors, who in turn lead weekly meetings with teachers to discuss early language development and plan classroom activities around relevant learning objectives.
  • 25 principals, who learn how to mobilize human and material resources in coordinating stakeholder actions that support language development inside and outside of school.

District administrators not only take part in these sessions, but also have formative meetings of their own to strengthen a local culture of professional development that ensures long-term sustainability.

Coaching and supervision of jointly planned actions are key to the program’s success. For this reason, we monitor implementation by observing professional development sessions and classroom activities in a sample comprised of 12 schools.

The hybrid professional development model that we hope to achieve in 2020 will consist of one in-person session per semester, monthly follow-ups with educators through the use of technology, and seminars and other collaborative forums to promote knowledge sharing between districts.

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