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Learning Language – Professional Development

AT SCHOOL . 2016

In 2015 and 2016, Laboratório de Educação worked with Comunidade Educativa – CEDAC and the Casimiro de Abreu (RJ) Secretary of Education to use the Learning Language professional development methodology with district pedagogical supervisors and teachers.   

In monitoring the program, we aimed to identify opportunities for greater cohesion between the Secretary’s pedagogical and administrative activities, rethink how professional development might improve both teacher qualifications and child learning, assess the use of structured formative materials, and document implementation strategies so that it may be replicated in other locations. The program also helped district leaders create annual professional development plans to ensure continuity after the program ended.

We designed original quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments to evaluate program implementation. Analysis revealed significant progress in terms of participant engagement and knowledge, district-level organization, and the integration of planning and reflection into their professional practice.


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