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Learning Language – Professional Development

AT SCHOOL . 2017, 2018

Based on the lessons learned in Franco da Rocha (SP) and Casimiro de Abreu (RJ), Laboratório de Educação will use the Learning Language professional development methodology to help pedagogical supervisors in Mauá (SP) mediate teacher appropriation of knowledge on how to support language development through intentional classroom activities and interventions.

 From mid-2017 to mid-2018, Laboratório de Educação instructors conducted 16 bi-weekly formative sessions with 47 pedagogical supervisors, who in turn led weekly meetings with teachers to discuss how early language development concepts may help them improve their practice and interactions.

In order to monitor program implementation and provide accurate feedback to the district, in 2017 we observed 99 professional development sessions and 109 classroom activities in a sample comprised of 12 nursery schools and preschools.


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