Is play a spontaneous activity for children? | Labedu

Is play a spontaneous activity for children?

6 de October de 2017

Laboratório de Educação president Beatriz Cardoso participated in CBN Radio’s Revista Responde show on modern parenting, where she examined the role of play in children’s learning.

According to Cardoso, play offers children the opportunity to explore the world around them from different points of view and put into action what they already know about it. Through play, children can learn about themselves and about others, using language as a tool to share their thoughts and collaborate around common themes and norms.

Play is a cultural practice; as such, it depends on social interactions to be learned and transformed. For this reason, adults must ensure the conditions for these moments to take place, observing them carefully and finding meaningful ways to participate in them. However, the key is to do so without locking children in overtly strict patterns that will prevent them from becoming immersed in play as an authentic learning experience.

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