"What cities teach children", a workshop held at Education 360 by All Children Can Learn | Labedu

“What cities teach children”, a workshop held at Education 360 by All Children Can Learn

1 de October de 2018

Last Monday, Laboratório de Educação's Beatriz Cardoso and Nicole Paulet Piedra held a workshop entitled "What cities teach children" during the Educação 360 conference in Rio de Janeiro.

The workshop involved 15 early childhood teachers from nearby municipalities, and focused on how a city's spaces, customs, symbols, and activity create learning opportunities. Through video case studies and a photo-taking excursion in the area surrounding the Rio Art Museum, the workshop invited the participants to reflect on how adults can use the urban environment to meaningfully engage children with their surroundings.

The group discussed the role schools can play at a time when children's' experiences are often restricted to controlled spaces and ready-made activities that fail to recognize the many learning opportunities inherent to cities, with all their virtues and imperfections. In addition to brainstorming actions schools can take to promote urban exploration, the educators also reflected on the importance of strengthening the relationships between schools, families, and the larger community.

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