Parceria TCPA & Brasil Post | Partnership

Laboratório de Educação launches partnership with online newspaper Brasil Post

11 de August de 2015

Brasil Post, the first Latin American branch of the Huffington Post, is a news portal that seeks to disseminate content and stimulate debate around current issues, such as democracy, women’s empowerment, the environment and water shortages, the fight against prejudice, and full respect for human rights.

The publication is recognized worldwide as a hub for discussions on progressive issues, and it features submissions from nearly 600 contributing blog writers. Starting this month, Laboratório de Educação’s All Children Can Learn project will join this network of global collaborators, which already includes figures such as U.S. President Barack Obama, journalist Gilberto Dimenstein, feminist entrepreneur Bianca Santana, SOS Mata Atlântica, and chef Bela Gil.

This opportunity to share the content of All Children Can Learn, which has maintained its own blog since 2013, will enable the project to reach and engage more readers in a campaign to redefine the way Brazilian society thinks about children’s ability to learn, everywhere and at all times.